Desktop Player

You can practice Listening-Reading with any Transcriber content on your computer. Using the Desktop Player, you can select MP3 and Transcriber files from your computer and play them together in your browser.

A brand new feature is dual transcripts, letting you see two languages side-by-side (e.g. one in English, one in Japanese).


Click to download the Desktop Player to your computer: Launch.jar.

To run it, you must have Java installed on your computer, which you can download here: Free Java Download

To run it, you may either double-click on the Launch.jar file on your computer, or right-click on the file and select: Open With > Java(TM) Platform SE Binary

After a moment the main screen will appear:

To see a demo of the player in action, just click the Launch Player button, and a new browser window will open:

Using the Player

Click on any of the text in the transcript to begin playback from that point.

Some basic keyboard shortcuts:

s start/stop the audio

j / k go forward / backward to previous / next section of audio

t start playing the current section of text from the beginning

There is also an experimental shortcut available, d, which will use Google Translate to translate the currently highlighted fragment into English. This may be handy when viewing a transcript in a foreign language.

Playing Your Files

To playback your own files in the browser, all you'll need is an MP3 file and a corresponding TRS file.

Although WAV is the best format to use with Transcriber, you'll want to use MP3 format when playing back in your browser. So be sure you've converted your WAV file to an MP3.

Click the Select MP3 File button and select your MP3 file. Then click the Select TRS File button and select your Transcriber file. Then you can click the Launch Player button and the player will load in your browser.

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